The scope of the iGOvDIGITAL Awards is to find the best new applications or technological ideas that we can help scale into businesses. The ideas will have to address public sector challenges & issues utilizing new and disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligent or Blockchain combined with big, open and linked data in order to improve public sector efficiency and citizen's quality of life in general. Specifically, the ideas should fall into one of the following categories: (a) new applications or (b) technological ideas related to Digital Governance that can be scaled into businesses.

Special Focus will be given to ideas that address public sector challenges & issues or provide solutions in order to address the impact of the pandemic (i.e. development of mechanisms and platforms using data for the provision of accurate information, forecasting and early warning, development of patients service applications before, during and after admission to hospital etc.).

The participants will have the opportunity to:
    • Attend online courses relevant to the information systems and digital Governance, Gov3.0 technologies, competition’s guidelines, etc.
    • Receive mentoring for the development of their business idea
    • Participate in the ICEGOV 2020 conference in Athens (finalists only)
    • Win significant prizes

Training material in the form of informative videos is provided explaining the technological advancements of the domain as well as the providing entrepreneurial guidance to the participants. The material has been created by the Gov3.0 project experts and could be accessed after registration.

Competition Details

Terms of participation

A) In an effort to reach as many great minds as possible the competition will be open to students/researchers coming from Erasmus+ Programme countries (EU universities, including universities in Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, Turkey)
B) The ideas should fall into one of the following categories:

    1. New Applications or
    2. Technological Ideas related to Digital Governance
    1.   Groups of students/ researchers over 18 years of age
    2.   Proposal submitted in the English language
Criteria for the evaluation of proposals
    • Innovation: the degree of new and original Digital Governance idea/ application creation
    • The outcome of the proposal will have to be accessible either by citizens or/and public sector users
    • Economical viability
    • Impact and scalability
    • Team capacity: How well suited is the team to make it happen

The awards ceremony will be held in Athens, during 22 September – 25 September 2020, in conjunction with the ICEGOV 2020 conference.

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