Congratulations to all participants in the 2020 iGOvDIGITAL Awards competition! Your hard work and achievements are truly worthy of celebration!





Short description

"Smarty" is an application, which provides accurate and precise knowledge content presented in the forms of lectures, exercises and games. With the help of Smarty the same course may become more interesting and exciting. In particular, using Smarty" the students will be able to cover a part or a whole course while having a good background level of knowledge. 

Congratulations to Armine Gevorgyan, Tigran Papyan, Nare Torosyan, Artur Gerasimenko, Liana Aghamalyan

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Dynamic load monitoring and control of public transport through artificial intelligence

Short description

The aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence (AI) in order to better monitor and control public transportation. This will lead to the following outcomes: increase the efficiency of public transportation, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the environmental impact.

Congratulations to Andreas Schmitz, Roman Antoschin, Dominik Weber, Alexander Guth, Kevin Pracht






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“Astrid” is a platform where public administrators and political parties can model proposed or current policies and reforms. There, citizens can start assaying those policies using gamification techniques, in order to understand the policy, enhance the existing model, mention possible mistakes or aspects that the administrator did not consider.

Congratulations to Panagiotis Keramidis