The Gov 3.0 project aims at establishing ICT-enabled Governance as a vivid research domain, by providing universities, private firms and government agencies with cutting-edge knowledge on emerging technologies and policy support methods and tools. The core consortium will engage a network of affiliate partners and experts from all over the world.

Outcomes will be achieved through new methods for roadmapping research priorities and technology trends, new curricula for teaching at pre-graduate, post-graduate and company executive levels, new approaches for fostering entrepreneurship attempts (e.g. startup companies based on open data) and a novel Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) system that will be available and maintained during and after the implementation of the project. Public sector bodies and officials, NGOs and citizens will be engaged at a global scale, through digital means, summer schools, startup competitions, conferences and workshops, showcasing results and potential opportunities of Governance 3.0.

The developed curricula will continue to be executed after the end of the project. The knowledge base and the MOOC will continue to be maintained from the core consortium. The material will continue to be open for all audiences. The public sector bodies and officials, NGOs and citizens will be engaged enabling the partners’ individual networks through a number of planned dissemination activities (e.g. ceremonies, school camps) showcasing the results and the potential opportunities.