List of Deliverables

DeliverableDownload/ Visit Link
D1.1: Electronic Governance research and practice worldwideDownload
D1.2: Worldwide training needs on Electronic GovernanceDownload
D2.1: Government 3.0 roadmap 1st versionDownload
D3.1: Pre-graduate programme modules
D4.1: MOOC for Gov 3.0 1st versionVisit
D7.2: Dissemination Report Y1Download
D8.1: Quality Assurance Plan
D9.1: Evaluation Framework
D9.2: Evaluation Report 1
D10.1: Project Plan

List of Supporting Documents

Supporting DocumentDownload/ Visit Link
WP1: Work Plan
WP1: Gov 3.0 References
WP1: Workshop Report ICEGOV 2018
WP1: Training Programs
WP1: 2018-ICEGOV-Workshop Questionnaire
WP2: Project Analysis Approach
WP2: Project Analysis - Blockchain
WP2: Project Analysis - Open Data
WP2: Project Analysis - eIdentity/eSignature
WP2: Project Analysis - Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Gamification, Gaming-based simulation, NLP, Policy modelling, text mining
WP2: Project Analysis - Cloud Computing
WP2: Workshop Report (Samos Summit 2018) - Gov 3.0 Roadmap
WP2: 2018-EGOV-CeDEM-ePart-Workshop Report
WP3: Work Plan
WP7: Workshop Report (Samos Summit 2018): Collaboration for joint publications]
WP7: Workshop Report (Samos Summit 2018): Collaboration for new research proposals
Project PublicationsVisit
Samos Summit & OpenGov2018 Summer School PresentationsVisit