The iGOv DIGITAL Awards 2020 is the Pan-European Competition on Digital Governance whose aim was to find the best new applications or technological ideas that we can help scale into businesses. The ideas had to address public sector challenges & issues utilizing new and disruptive technologies. The competition was aiming at submissions from the academic field towards shaping these ideas to fully functional products at entrepreneurial level through a comprehensive mentoring phase with world leading experts. The iGOv DIGITAL Awards were organized by the Gov3.0 ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project and the awards ceremony was held in Athens, on 25 September 2020, during the closing session of the ICEGOV 2020 Conference.

The iGOv DIGITAL Awards 2020 started in December and was completed in September.
16 teams were selected in the competition from four different countries (Armenia, Greece, Germany, Portugal) and proceeded to the finals. More particularly, more than 60 people took part in the competition.
The competition had three rounds of submission and three rounds of mentoring so as the eligible participants could resubmit their final proposals. All the participants received mentoring by internationally recognized experts in the field of digital governance.

As final nominees, six teams were selected and presented their idea on ICEGOV 2020 workshop “On a scientific base for digital governance and transformation” on 22 September 2020.

Finally, the winners were chosen based on the criteria of innovation, the outcome of the proposal had to be accessible either by citizens or/and public sector users, the economic viability, the impact and scalability and the team capacity.

We are happy to announce and congratulate the winners of the Pan-European Competition on Digital Governance.

1. First place: Dynamic load monitoring and control of public transport through artificial intelligence
Short description
The aim of the project is to use artificial intelligence (AI) in order to better monitor and control the public transportation. This will lead to the following outcomes: increase the efficiency of public transportation, improve customer satisfaction and reduce the environmental impact.
Congratulations to Andreas Schmitz, Roman Antoschin, Dominik Weber, Alexander Guth, Kevin Pracht

2. Second place: SMARTY
Short description
“Smarty” is an application, which provides accurate and precise knowledge content presented in the forms of lectures, exercises and games. With the help of Smarty the same course may become more interesting and exciting. In particular, using Smarty” the students will be able to cover a part or a whole course while having a good background level of knowledge.
Congratulations to Armine Gevorgyan, Tigran Papyan, Nare Torosyan, Artur Gerasimenko, Liana Aghamalyan

3. Third place: ASTRID
Short description
“Astrid” is a platform where public administrators and political parties can model proposed or current policies and reforms. There, citizens can start assaying those policies using gamification techniques, in order to understand the policy, enhance the existing model, mention possible mistakes or aspects that the administrator did not consider.
Congratulations to Panagiotis Keramidis


First place: 5000 euros + 3 free registrations for next year’s ICEGOV2021 conference on Digital Government
Awarding organization: PwC, UNU-eGOV

Second place: 2000 euros
Awarding organization: Lisbon Council Think Tank

Third place: 1000 euros
Awarding organization: University of Agder

All the finalists will also receive:

  • Further coaching by world-leading experts from both the Digital Governance and the Entrepreneurship domains towards the enhancement of the original ideas.
  • Contact with possible customers from the Government 3.0 project wider network of public sector organizations in the whole EU
  • Dissemination from the European Commission services
  • Contract development with interested public sector organizations

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